Why You Need an Accountability Partner in 2018

We’re just days away from the new year, and I’m here to tell you why you need an accountability partner in 2018. If you watched my latest “Biz BFF” live on instagram, you’ve already met MY accountability partner: Lindsay from Lindsay & Co.

Having an accountability partner is so important to reach your goals. Find out what to look for hand how to find one in this blog post. SalamSudduf.com

What is an Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is someone who helps keep you…accountable! They ensure you stay committed to your goals and do what you’ve set out to do. Your accountability partner is not only responsible for checking in on you, but also responsible for lending a listening ear.

Have a new product idea? Your accountability partner is usually one of the first people you’d share the idea with to get their feedback. They know you and they know your business. Your accountability partner is a good resource for real advice that’s not sugar-coated.

Unlike a mentor, an accountability partner is someone who is typically at a similar point in their (business) journey as you are. However, they often share a very different skill set. This way, your weakness may be their strength (and vice versa). Win-win!

Why do I need one?

Being an entrepreneur is lonely. It is easy to get stuck in a rut pretty quickly when you’re working alone. So, having an accountability partner ensures you have someone to bounce ideas off of and strategize with. Your accountability partner is the perfect person to brainstorm with to get your creative juices flowing.

Another reason you need an accountability partner is for the motivation!

I love new ideas. I’m obsessed with them. The only thing I’m obsessed with more than new ideas is motivated people behind those ideas that are going to implement them. That’s why my accountability partner is someone who is always innovating. When she shares her new ideas and concepts with me to get my feedback, it motivates ME to get my butt into action and reach my goals, too.

Having an accountability partner is so important to reach your goals. Find out what to look for hand how to find one in this blog post. SalamSudduf.com

How do I find this amazing person?

You don’t have to be geographically close to one another to be accountability partners. You can send an email, instagram message, phone call, or whats app message to motivate your partner to reach their goals.

I personally use WhatsApp most often and the audio message feature is my favourite. Talking is faster than typing. Listening is more convenient than reading.

Side note: if you work with me you’ll know that I often send audio clips with my feedback instead of a typed up email or note. It’s more personal, more informative, and it’s so much quicker!


Back to our main point, how do you find an accountability partner? There are a few ways to find that special someone:


(1) Personal Network: 


Chances are you have someone in your group of friends who would love to motivate you to reach your goals. Make sure you *both* have specific goals you’re trying to reach because the accountability partner relationship only works if it’s two ways.

(2) Online Group:


There are a lot of Facebook groups out there where you can meet highly motivated entrepreneurs, but you will have to put yourself out there to find an accountability partner. A few groups that come to mind are Boss Girl Bloggers, Creative Muslim Women, and of course, The Muslim Mom Tribe.

Search for groups using terms like “blogger group”, “small business group”, and “female entrepreneur group”, etc.

(3) Muslim Mom Tribe:


The coolest hangout on Facebook has a thread called “Find Your Accountability Partner”. Join the group here (girls only!) and search “accountability partner” to find the thread. This group is predominantly moms but I would say 50% of them have a side hustle or want one.


(4) Instagram:


My most favourite social media tool strikes again! Search for someone with a similar following as you. Send them a DM with a link to this article and ask if they’re interested in being your accountability partner. Share unique tidbits about you and your business and be prepared for rejection because not everyone wants an accountability partner, or they may already have one.


(5) My Instagram Page:


Click on this post (here) to find an accountability partner. You may find someone in the comments, or they may find you!


“…identify the people that somehow give you energy and help you find your mojo. It might be the way they focus on your unique gifts. It might be the way they see what others don’t see. It might be the way they say just the right words of encouragement that help you get back on your feet again or inspire you to take on the world.” (Time.com)


Want to get your business up and running in 2018? Sign up for a free 15 minute chat with me here and let’s make 2018 the year of YOU!

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