Salam Sudduf - Muslim mom blogger of triplets

Salam & Peace!

Thanks for joining me for a glimpse into my #tripletlife. I know, I can’t believe I have triplets either. Two smart and lovely girls and one intelligent and kind boy. I am incredibly blessed.

Before I became a first-time mom, I was running my very own brick and mortar lifestyle boutique called Salam Shop. It was a hub for creative products for #coolmuslims and I was living out my dream of promoting (mostly) women-led businesses and showcasing the love and beauty of Islam.

Rewind even further and you’ll see I’m somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, with an underlying passion for empowering women. I worked as the only female employee of a tech company (I did business development), I ran a fashion business, and I have consulted on projects ranging from a cupcake business, all the way to a Montessori. I love seeing women do what they love!

You could say my past has prepared me for my present. I’m an engineering graduate with an MBA from Ivey. Extreme multi-tasking, taking on too many “projects”, and achieving the unachievable are kind of my thing. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m the OG of #girlboss life.

Having triplets is by far the biggest and best “project” I’ve ever taken on.
I am grateful, blessed, tired, in need of Starbucks, and going slightly insane.

And you know what? I love it.


P.S. If you’re a brand interested in working together, I would love to chat!