Meaningful Gifts for Moms & Kids

Finding meaningful gifts for moms & kids can be challenging. Does she really need more baby clothes? Will she even light these candles? Are chocolates going to throw her off her journey to health?


Give a gift that tells a story.

I’ve partnered with Sitti and Bubu & Lulu Toys to share their story and tell you why I’ll be choosing them (and hope you will, too) the next time I give someone a gift. The common factor in both companies is the smart and inspirational co-founder, Noora Sharrab.

meaningful gifts for mom and baby salam sudduf


Meaningful gifts for moms and kids salam sudduf muslim mom

The world itself translates to “my grandmother” in Arabic.

Sitti is a social enterprise offering olive oil products and gifts, that provides fair-wage employment to women refugees in the Middle East, specifically Jerash “Gaza” Camp. Jerash Camp was set up as an “emergency” camp in 1968 for 11,500 Palestine refugees and displaced persons who left the Gaza Strip as a result of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

The team is made up of women who are wise, beautiful, and proud of their heritage. They serve others before themselves, even though they have little to give. This description reminds me so much of my own mother, and it reminds me that no matter where we live in the world, we are all tied together through life’s challenges – motherhood being one of them.

These women have been passed down the soap-making tradition and skills (cold-press “Nabulsi”), and even in the face of extreme hardship, they continue to respect those traditions. One example of this is Nisreen. Nisreen’s husband is unable to work due to a disability and she is the solve provider for her family, which includes her seven children. Sitti secures her and her family’s financial independence.



Meaningful gifts for moms and kids

If you’re looking for meaningful gifts for moms, consider Sitti soaps. You’d be providing underprivileged women with a sustainable means of income and a chance to hope again. The soaps are 100% vegan, ethically made, not tested on animals, biodegradable, paraben free, phthalate free, dye free, and alcohol free. You can even use the soaps on your babies soft skin.

I’m so excited to be able to offer a special coupon code for all of you. Use code “Sudduf20” for 20% off all Sitti products. I’m personally going to be stocking up on the loofa soaps as part of my Welcome Ramadan kits I give out at the start of Ramadan to friends & family!



Salam Sudduf Muslim Mom Meaningful gifts for moms and kids

Having 3 babies means I am very particular about the things I buy for my kids. It’s so easy to go overboard and get 3 of everything, but I can honestly say I have NEVER done that. I made the decision to invest in high quality products that were built to last and came with a special story that made them meaningful. Enter, Bubu & Lulu.

Bubu & Lulu’s wooden mix and match blocks feature diverse characters (there’s even a girl wearing a hijab!) and animals. They are made by Hassan, a deaf carpenter that was born and raised in Jerash Refugee Camp. Hassan is passionate about creating beautiful handmade toys. The blocks are not sprayed with harsh chemicals. The stickers on the blocks are free of toxins and there are no sharp edges.

These blocks are my new go-to gift for all of my friends who have kids. They’re best suited for children age 2 and up, but I pulled them out with my 11 month old trio last night and my son had a lot of fun knocking over my towers. He mostly just wanted to eat them, so I put them away for when they’re older. Personally, I’d much rather prefer a meaningful gift like this one that can be used in my child’s future than another cute baby outfit that they will wear once.

Bubu & Lulu are working on a new collection, which I am so excited for! Hassan is a big part of the idea process so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. You can use my discount code “Sudduf20” for 20% of all Bubu & Lulu toys.


Salam Sudduf Muslim Mom Meaningful gifts for moms and kids

Now, to my favorite PERSON of this entire blog post: Noora Sharrab. When she reached out to me to tell me about her companies, I was in awe. This woman is incredible. She is not only the co-founder of both Sitti and Bubu & Lulu Toys, she started the Hopes for Women in Education NGO. It is a highly regarded international organization that provides annual scholarships to Palestinian refugee women and girls so that they can complete their university education.

She’s not just an entrepreneur. She’s a woman who’s changing the world. And I can’t wait to meet her! It’s going to happen LIVE on facebook and you’ll be able to ask Noora any questions you have about being a social entrepreneur, how her team comes up with products, and how she is able to run 3 businesses (wow!). I’ve also decided to sponsor some giveaways of both Sitti and Bubu & Lulu products because I want to do my part in supporting these awesome social purpose businesses.

When is the live happening you ask? Like my page on facebook here and stay tuned for the date and time. I’m hoping to do weekly lives where we can chat about all the things that matter to us!

So, what do I need from you now? Spread the word about this awesome business. PIN this post, SHARE it on facebook, and let’s help support these amazing families living in Jerash Camp.

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    Wow! What an amazing woman. Thanks for she’d light on the awesome businesses.


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