The Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

Best Instagram Accounts for 2017 -

Today I’m sharing with you the best instagram accounts of 2017. I chose the best instagram accounts based on several things but focused on the following areas:

  • aesthetically pleasing
  • strong branding
  • thoughtful captions

This list is based on accounts I love and follow. I’ve also included a tip based on each instagram account that you can use to improve your own instagram.

Ready? Here are the best instagram accounts of 2017 (in no particular order):

#1 @ohjoy


Joy Cho is my spirit animal. Whatever that means. She’s just pink and cute and glittery and everything I love. Her feed features her quirky fashion, her beautiful family, decor, diy, and her product line (Oh Joy!). I can spend hours on her feed at any given time because it’s brings a smile to my face (and creative thoughts to my head!).

Tip: Joy starts her instagram story every day with a cute dance to show us her outfit, which she follows up with her outfit details. I literally look forward to watching this every day. Create consistency with your instagram stories by doing the same thing every single day for people to look forward to. 


#2 @hellobaked


Can you believe these are cookies?! Hello Baked makes the most intricately beautiful cookies. She has paired up with lots of big brands like Canada Goose and YSL and her creations are to die for. I haven’t visited her new sugar shop in Hamilton, Ontario yet, but it’s on my list of places to visit. I can only imagine how instagram-worthy it probably is. Her instagram feed makes me want to have a party so I need sugar cookies. Then I remember: I have triplets. No parties for me.

Tip: Hello Baked uses a lot of white space in her photos, which gives her feed a light and airy feel. Try it!

#3 Black Orchid


I’ve always loved Black Orchid, but they’ve really stepped up their instagram game in these past few months. They showcase the diversity of Muslim women and are breaking down all sorts of stereotypes. And it’s not just pretty photos; their captions are motivating and thought provoking, like this one “Positive representation for all 🦄 : black, white and everything in between 💁🏻💁🏾💁🏿 #vitiligodollposted here. 

Tip: Black Orchid shares a lot of content and photos from other people’s feeds. It has helped me discover a lot of cool people and it makes the feed more interesting than just clothing. 

#4 Baba Souk


This Instagram feed takes my breath away. Take a look and you’ll see where I get a lot of my home decor inspiration from. It’s a mix of Moroccan prints and colourful handmade products. Calming pinks and mints and creams.

Tip: A quick scroll through Baba Souk’s feed and you’ll see that their accent color is always the same: pink. Use an accent color in your instagram photos and see your feed come to life.

#5 Happy Grey Lucky


I love a good mommy insta, and this one is at the top of my list for her creative instagram feed. Her photos often leave me thinking, “how did she do that?” or “how can I recreate this?”. She incorporates her family and their Scandinavian decor in every photo and each and every photo oozes personality.

Tip: Sina shares how she gets such amazing photos and even shares her favourite photo editing apps. Check them out here. I’ve implemented her tips in my own feed!

#6 Illustrating NK


Naseeba’s feed is an infusion of her Canadian and Hyderabadi culture with her illustrations. She often illustrates moments from current events (like Meghan Markle’s white winter coat) and I find myself waiting to see how she will capture things happening in the media in her drawings.

Tip: It’s so important to stay true to what makes you YOU when you’re on social media. There are tons of accounts out there of people’s illustrations, but what makes Naseeba stand out is her heritage and culture and how that’s such a big part of what she does.


#7 Fatima Ibrahim


Fatima’s feed is the perfect infusion of faith, fashion, and food. My three favourite things (don’t tell my trio). She’s a smart cookie (optometrist) and her love for all things pink makes her one of my faves. I’ve never met Fatima (although I did plan on meeting her when I went to Chicago a few years ago) but I feel like from her feed I can see that she is soft, kind, and humble.

Tip: Flat lays! Fatima has some of the nicest flat lay’s I’ve ever seen. Grab your favourite things and experiment with some creative flat lay designs and start snapping photos. Make sure you use natural lighting. Need inspiration? Visit her feed!

#8 Cat and Nat


Having a rough mom day? Visit Cat and Nat’s feed so you can laugh your butt off, see that you’re not crazy, and validate your feelings. I love everything that they post – not only because the photos are real and raw, but also because the captions are genuine and always make my heart feel good. Their instagram stories are always behind-the-scenes so you can see how hard they work and how insane mom-life is.

Tip: These ladies always have amazing captions. They’re real and raw and they’ve inspired me to be real with my followers, too. Think about stepping up your caption game. And think about being more open and honest.

#9 Blush Shop


This cute little boutique is one of the first accounts I followed back when I was opening my own boutique. It was inspiring to see how every single inch of her space has so much personality. Their branding is on point and every single photo follows the same theme – it’s an instagrammers dream!

Tip: Create an experience. I’ve never been to this shop but because of their instagram account, I feel like I’ve experienced it. It’s not an easy task to create an experience using photos, but if you take photos with your customers in mind and aim to show them what you see, you can do it.

#10 Zainab Fit for Allah


There are a lot of fitness accounts out there, so it was so hard for me to choose which instagram account to showcase in my list of best instagram accounts. I decided upon Zainab because I love how her feed infuses Islamic quotes and reminders alongside health and fitness. I often re-visit her feed just so I can feel inspired.

Tip: Sprinkle inspirational quotes throughout your feed to motivate your followers. You can do it every Monday or every Friday, but make it a habit!

And that concludes my review of best instagram accounts of 2017. Is there someone I forgot? Share with me your favourite accounts below in the comments. I’d love to follow some and be inspired!

Want to up your instagram game for 2018? Contact me here to see how I can help you create strong branding and an amazing instagram feed. 

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