Muslim Business Coach & Mentor, Materials Engineer with an Ivey MBA, and mother of 2 year old triplets, all at once? Surely not?

Salam and hello everyone! My name is Sudduf Wyne.

I’m a business coach and mentor who helps over 100 women uplevel their business on a daily basis in the Muslim Entrepreneur Association. I’m an expert in the Muslim retail space and I specialize in bringing positive light to the Muslim community through collaborations and events. My past includes working in a nuclear power plant, and well, there was that time I discussed entrepreneurship with Justin Trudeau 😉

What makes me a true master of my craft is my commitment to helping you believe in your business dreams and go forth with confidence and intention, without comprising your spirituality. 

I know you go nuts for authenticity and relatability, and that’s what I bring. I have a tough-love teaching style and I’m committed to getting you results, no matter what it takes. 

I’ve been featured in some legit publications; The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and the Canadian House of Commons to name a few!

 When I’m not coaching my community to sell intentionally and spiritually, you’ll find me creating unique community events, reading kid lit at the library with my trio, or wandering around local handmade markets with Starbucks in hand.

Salam Sudduf - Muslim Mom Blogger of Triplets